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An Aussie’s pledge for American Public Radio

When I spend a few moments thinking about our imminent American departure and the things I’ll miss, one thing often boils to the top, National Public Radio.  This may seem like a strange choice to many, but for those that … Continue reading

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Wall of Mugs

I suppose, at first glance, my school’s teacher’s lounge is similar to the break room at any other workplace.  People drift in and out, checking for free food, using (but not cleaning) the microwave, coffee pot, or fridge, and leaving … Continue reading

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“A bar is better than a newspaper for public discussion.”

This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.” – Sigmund Freud A good pub is a wonderful thing to behold.  It might, for me, be one of the best things.  Good pubs don’t occur … Continue reading

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Ya Want Them Over Easy or Scrambled?

In Northeastern America there is a little slice of heaven that I shall sorely miss once we are living in Australia, and that is the diner. Diners came into prominence in the early 20th Century, but really took off after … Continue reading

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Bodhisattva #2 – The Staff Sergeant.

Heathrow airport is one of the busiest in the world.  It actually hosts more international passengers than any other.  Walking through one of its terminals is to expose oneself to more languages, ethnic backgrounds and clothing choices than almost anywhere … Continue reading

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Dining Arrangments – Table for 2 1/2 please…..

Once upon a time there were two people who really liked to eat out.  They were good cooks themselves and had adventurous, yet non-fussy palates that would enjoy everything from 10 pm dinners at Les Halles in New York City … Continue reading

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Save Your Confederate Money Boys.

Ever play the game, “what period of history would you live in other than this one”?  For me the answer was always America in the 1860’s. Not because I wanted to die by a piece of 50 caliber lead flying … Continue reading

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