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Get Yourself to the Library Man!

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A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.  ~Jo Godwin I finally have it, the ultimate answer.  I have put my finger on the proverbial pulse of the world and discovered how to halt the decline of … Continue reading

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Ready, Steady… Book it why don’t ya!

Booking flights can be an ominous thing.  Oh it’s easy enough if all you are planning is a quick romp over to a European city for a week, but what if you are planning multiple stops over an extended period … Continue reading

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Down Here We Call it “The War of Northern Agression.”

“Well, that just dills my pickle!” – typical Southern-ism It’s easy to be a Southerner in the North.  Yankees love Southern accents and I always get a kick out of theirs.  They generally like my traditional cooking, provided I‘m not … Continue reading

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Horizons – both literal and metephorical.

It doesn’t take much for my blood pressure to lower and my mind to slow, thereby entering that enviable state-of-mind that we humans call relaxation.  I am, in fact, experiencing it at this very moment… sitting on the porch of … Continue reading

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No wait… I’ll tell you what I want – eating out in a post-modern world.

What is it about communal eating that makes it such a central part of our lifestyle?  It is not, after all, the most attractive process to undertake in public.  Compiling sustenance and shoveling one utensil after another into our gaping … Continue reading

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Day of Departure

“Set a new direction for the harvest ahead.” It is done! We are finally on the way.  After months of preparations, research, and far too much waiting we are finally off on our great adventure.  This morning we loaded up … Continue reading

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These Space Bags Better Freakin’ Hold

In some nomadic cultures, packing up one’s livelihood is second-nature, simply a part of life.  You wrap your items in a blanket, strap your baby in a papoose, put your yurt in your oxcart and off you go.  I know … Continue reading

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