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Yule Time in Oz

Letting go of the snowy Christmas so often seen on postcards has been easier than I originally thought it might be.   On days where the barometer soars over 90 during holiday time in our new Australian home, I think about … Continue reading

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For most of my life I’ve complained about the location of my birthday, which is either on or around Thanksgiving.  Surpassed only by those unlucky enough to have their birthdays right on Christmas (like my poor brother-in-law), Thanksgiving birthdays are … Continue reading

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Oz; An American Arrives!

So I’m home.  How about that?  So far, it doesn’t feel like it.  I had a brief meltdown on the night we arrived at my mother-in-law’s house to find all my bedroom furniture, including a pink stuffed chair I’d had … Continue reading

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Finally Coming Home.

Over the past few days I have been having the most powerful memories from my childhood.  It’s not that this has never happened before, it’s just that over the past 16 years I have spent most of my time living … Continue reading

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“How Much is it Costing You?” – Getting Ready to Cash In on a Big Trip.

Recently both Ashley and I have been asked how we are able to afford the adventure we are undertaking on our way home to Australia.  Aside from wondering what impression people have about our relative financial stability, it has led … Continue reading

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Day of Departure

“Set a new direction for the harvest ahead.” It is done! We are finally on the way.  After months of preparations, research, and far too much waiting we are finally off on our great adventure.  This morning we loaded up … Continue reading

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These Space Bags Better Freakin’ Hold

In some nomadic cultures, packing up one’s livelihood is second-nature, simply a part of life.  You wrap your items in a blanket, strap your baby in a papoose, put your yurt in your oxcart and off you go.  I know … Continue reading

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Notes from the Land of Narnia

It appears that we are in the midst of the winter that never ends.  Fitting that it would occur during our last winter in the Northeast of America, like a great big send-off party.  Old Man Winter or the White … Continue reading

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