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Fountains of Rome

On any summer vacation, most of us seem to venture out in search of water.  Whether its a calm seashore, quiet mountain lake, rushing woodland stream, or tropical waterfall, water brings refreshment, moving water a calming babble.  In the chaotic … Continue reading

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Roma – Day One

What to do on one’s first full day in Rome?  Visit the Vatican perhaps?  The Colosseum?  Perhaps taking in one of Rome’s numerous churches? (seriously, they are to Rome what pubs are to Ireland). With a two-year old in tow, … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Does Not Suck!

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How to Enjoy Yourself in Barcelona – With a Two Year Old

Ah Barcelona, where have you been?  What excuses have I concocted in not having visited you for so long?  This is not a post about the Ramblas, not a post about how Barcelona has become an International City since the … Continue reading

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Barcelona Porch Monkey

In order to experience a country, city or region, it is often required to venture forth, leave your temporary abode and wade into the whirlpool, mix with the locals, and in doing so, learn something.  This was certainly the case … Continue reading

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English Reflections

As we stepped out of the Barcelona airport today into the warmth of a Mediterranean climate, I was grateful for the sun, albeit sad to leave a country as ancient and mysterious as England.  We Americans don’t give England enough … Continue reading

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Cockney Rhyming Slang – A National Treasure.

In England there exists a language like no other, and no, it’s not Pig Latin.  Coming from Iceland (where everyone speaks at least 3—4 languages fluently) I have felt the need to exercise my language skills, and not being bilingual … Continue reading

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English Pubs – A Romance

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A good pub is perhaps one of the best of things, at least for me.  There are few places where I feel as relaxed, as content, as when nestled into a deep, soft chair in the corner of a dim … Continue reading

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Yes, they have horses in Iceland!

I was unsure during this trip if I was going to be able to ride an Icelandic horse, the sturdy, fluffy-maned little powerhouses that make this island their own.  Our six days in Iceland were filling up quickly and our … Continue reading

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Old Faithful is for Little Girly Men!

Iceland might be about as far as an Australian can get from home! While perhaps not geographically the furthest landmass away from Australia, it certainly seems so. Oh, I guess I could go to Greenland, or Savlbard, where almost 3000 … Continue reading

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