The Scene From Our Terrace:

Bells Ring for Mass at the  Church 10 Feet From Our Terrace:

Lily in a Square in the Trastevere, Rome:

12 Responses to Rome

  1. Ann Forster says:

    oh how beautiful,love love love xx

  2. B. Delonti says:

    She’s got her Daddy’s moves. Love it.

    • She is bringing a whole new level to travel that we never understood before. Italians love children and it is opening up all sorts of conversations for us. I am saying “mi dispiace” a lot.

  3. Jess Priest says:

    That is great! What an interpretive dancer! I especially love how her dance changes when the bells starting chiming! She is adorable.

    • Thanks Jess, This is proving to be a wonderful experience for Lily. Even though she is only two I think she will carry these experiences throughout her life in the person that she becomes. We are also enjoying seeing the world with our wonderful little girl, she is bringing a whole new level to our experiences.

  4. Mareka Forster says:

    Smooth moves lily, she goes from ballet, to hip hop, then jazz and finishes off with the robot. Love your work strawberry shortcake.oxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  5. Laura says:

    How chuffed are you Marcus, its a good thing mum hasn’t chucked your chello. Time to get back into it. xoxox

  6. Ruth says:

    I was fascinated with her response to the beautiful cello music…..I remember how musical you were Marcus when you were a tiny little guy. I’m loving this!!!

  7. borobaby says:

    Amazing! What a great spirit Lily has – I don’t know which I like better – her interpretative dance or the “oops” when the bells begin. xo

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