Our Plan

So here is the plan… after fifteen years living overseas Marcus is moving home to Australia.  These days, however, things are a little different from when he first set foot in the US, complete with ponytail, backpack, and hemp necklaces. Gone are the ponytail (recently) and the necklaces (not as recent).  The backpack, in all it’s heavy ugliness, complete with  a 15 year fade that has changed it’s once-trendy purple color to a greasy, wan gray, will be shipped back in a crate, having been replaced with lighter, more efficient luggage that can hold 6-8 weeks of supplies.  The household full of stuff accumulated over the years will be meeting us in Australia, having made the journey on a shipping container scheduled to traverse the Pacific over a period of 8-12 weeks.  In order to make the most of our own journey, we have decided to take the long way around, heading east from New York towards Europe, stopping to visit some of the world’s most interesting places.  In the plan right now are Iceland, England, Spain, Italy, Greece, South Africa and beyond.  We hope to hit as many locations as our meager funds will allow.   Along the way both of us will post regular updates on what we experience traveling through the world with a two-year old.  Once we arrive at our new home, the narrative will include impressions a new life in Australia from the perspective of an American expat and a native son arriving home after 15 years away.

6 Responses to Our Plan

  1. borobaby says:

    Marcus/Ashley/Lily – Good for you! I can’t wait to catch up on your blog here. I will definitely need your advice at some point – we are flying to Sydney with Marley next Spring (he’ll be about 1 then) and we very seriously consider a move to Australia (Nick grew up back and forth between there and Connecticut) one day. Best of luck! ❤ Sara/Toadie

  2. So incredible! I love to see your updates and think it is awesome and what memories you are creating. I only dream of what you are doing and think it may be time for the Hughes’ to put our plan in action. Such an inspiration. Have safe travels and lots of fun!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment. Many times it has been us on the other end of this kind of thread… posting a comment on someones blog saying “great job”. It is very satisfying to have accomplished our dream, and be noticed for it… so thanks again.
      I cannot tell you how strongly we feel that it has been worth it thus far, the cost, the risk, etc. And to see our little girl in all these wonderful places… priceless! I hope that you have your own adventure soon, and when you do please tell us about it!

      Of course, travel is not always fun it it? It is 2:00am here in Malaysia and we are all wide awake due to jet lag!


  3. Amazing idea! What an incredible journey for your baby! Good luck!

    • Thank you for your comment. It has been an incredible journey thus far. We are deep in the midst of re-connecting with Australia, its traditions and our family at the moment. Thanks for visiting and please come again.

  4. Megan roberts says:

    Hey- just found this! How are you guys? Lily is adorable and yall are geat writers! Will keep checking in for more good stories! Take care!

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