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Bodhisattva #3 – Ashley’s own “Rooster Cogburn”

The maintenance man at any camp is a rare and fascinating creature.  For reasons known only to him a camp career is chosen, rather than a more profitable job in carpentry, utilities, or construction.  Perhaps he simply isn’t a very … Continue reading

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Get Yourself to the Library Man!

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A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone.  ~Jo Godwin I finally have it, the ultimate answer.  I have put my finger on the proverbial pulse of the world and discovered how to halt the decline of … Continue reading

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Down Here We Call it “The War of Northern Agression.”

“Well, that just dills my pickle!” – typical Southern-ism It’s easy to be a Southerner in the North.  Yankees love Southern accents and I always get a kick out of theirs.  They generally like my traditional cooking, provided I‘m not … Continue reading

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Save Your Confederate Money Boys.

Ever play the game, “what period of history would you live in other than this one”?  For me the answer was always America in the 1860’s. Not because I wanted to die by a piece of 50 caliber lead flying … Continue reading

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