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“Get a life, will you people”

Conventions are held the world over for any number of reasons; trade conventions, hobbies, pastimes, fads, obsessions (haven’t you heard about Star trek conventions?) or pop cultural fads of the moment.  But it is in America that these events are … Continue reading

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To conceive or not to conceive again… that is the question.

As a devoted follower of NPR and the reading recommendations of Tina Brown, I was intrigued by this morning’s review of an essay by Geoff Dyer entitled “On Being an Only Child.”  I wonder if the lack of siblings with … Continue reading

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“Here will be an old abusing of God’s patience and the King’s English.”

Where would we be without words?  Aside from a real difficulty telling a bartender what you would like to drink, there would be no lit-tra-ture, no Shakespeare, Hemingway, Byron, Yeats or Kerouac.  It is not the purpose of this post … Continue reading

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“What excuse do you need to take a day off from work.”

As an expat I have been, for many years, a little like an overseas embassy, benefiting from both traditional Australian holidays and also those of my adopted country, the US.   As both countries were settled by Europeans there are, to … Continue reading

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A Man’s Home is his Castle – Literally!

I have heard that over the past two years the average size of houses has decreased.  This is, at least for me, news of some importance. Until 2009 the average house size in the US and also Australia was steadily … Continue reading

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