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“Life is Made Up of Units of Time”

In the film “About a Boy” Hugh Grant’s character claims that life is made up of units of time, each unit consisting of one half hour,  “haircut, two units” and so on.  Recently I have been thinking about this example … Continue reading

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A Postcard from the Old Dominion

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In Richmond, Virginia on the third Monday in January a curious thing occurs.  Walking down Monument Avenue in the predawn light one might encounter men gathering in front of the largest statue on Monument.  Their quest is one of commemoration. … Continue reading

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles – Oh… and Boats!

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Often holidays, vacations and adventures begin with a single (rather significant) purchase, the airline ticket.  Once obtained only through the handing over of an unholy amount of hard-earned cash and multiple visits to a travel agent, these days an international … Continue reading

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I’ve got Culture Coming out of my Arse!

A “cinquain” is a poem, though it is no ordinary poem.  It is the preferred artistic method of an inebriated exposition.  Or to put it another way… when people who I know have a few glasses of wine it is … Continue reading

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Bodhisattva #3 – Ashley’s own “Rooster Cogburn”

The maintenance man at any camp is a rare and fascinating creature.  For reasons known only to him a camp career is chosen, rather than a more profitable job in carpentry, utilities, or construction.  Perhaps he simply isn’t a very … Continue reading

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“How Much is it Costing You?” – Getting Ready to Cash In on a Big Trip.

Recently both Ashley and I have been asked how we are able to afford the adventure we are undertaking on our way home to Australia.  Aside from wondering what impression people have about our relative financial stability, it has led … Continue reading

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