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Animal Innards and Freedom for Lunch

The restaurant that I am sitting in has no name.  It exists on the back street of a back street in Soweto, South Africa.  In search of a traditional black South African meal, our guide and resident knower-of-all-things Soweto, Richard, … Continue reading

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Down Here We Call it “The War of Northern Agression.”

“Well, that just dills my pickle!” – typical Southern-ism It’s easy to be a Southerner in the North.  Yankees love Southern accents and I always get a kick out of theirs.  They generally like my traditional cooking, provided I‘m not … Continue reading

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No wait… I’ll tell you what I want – eating out in a post-modern world.

What is it about communal eating that makes it such a central part of our lifestyle?  It is not, after all, the most attractive process to undertake in public.  Compiling sustenance and shoveling one utensil after another into our gaping … Continue reading

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Ya Want Them Over Easy or Scrambled?

In Northeastern America there is a little slice of heaven that I shall sorely miss once we are living in Australia, and that is the diner. Diners came into prominence in the early 20th Century, but really took off after … Continue reading

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Dining Arrangments – Table for 2 1/2 please…..

Once upon a time there were two people who really liked to eat out.  They were good cooks themselves and had adventurous, yet non-fussy palates that would enjoy everything from 10 pm dinners at Les Halles in New York City … Continue reading

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