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Yes, they have horses in Iceland!

I was unsure during this trip if I was going to be able to ride an Icelandic horse, the sturdy, fluffy-maned little powerhouses that make this island their own.  Our six days in Iceland were filling up quickly and our … Continue reading

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Old Faithful is for Little Girly Men!

Iceland might be about as far as an Australian can get from home! While perhaps not geographically the furthest landmass away from Australia, it certainly seems so. Oh, I guess I could go to Greenland, or Savlbard, where almost 3000 … Continue reading

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Journey to the Blue Lagoon

Our trip to the Blue Lagoon went, well, swimmingly.  Iceland’s premier geothermal spa, a naturally milky blue hot mineral pool sunk into black basaltic rock in the middle of a stark landscape of lava fields, promised the ultimate in mind/body … Continue reading

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I Ate Rancid Shark Meat… and it was all I hoped it would be!

This afternoon, sitting in the sun below the tall tower of Reykjavik’s fabulous Hallgrímskirkja, I reached into a small bowl and sampled an Icelandic delicacy.  Hákarl is shark, prepared by being buried in beach sand for several months then hung … Continue reading

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