Sunset over Santorini

Postcards and calendars don't do it justice!

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2 Responses to Sunset over Santorini

  1. Megan says:

    You are right again. Your pictures and stories are bringing me back. While studying in Italy 10 years ago (gulp), I took a low key holiday to the Greek Isles. It is still one of the most beautiful places I have ever been… even though I failed my motorini rental test. Love the blog and shout out to the UWS with your header pics!

    • Megan,

      Thanks for visiting our blog and commenting. Having been impressed by your blog it is truly a compliment to have you visit ours. The “Imagine” mosaic in NYC is a special place for us and we were glad to capture four photos of our little Lily before leaving the US. They also represent the four seasons as well!
      Santorini is wonderful and I am presently trying to summon the effort to write a post on our initial impressions while approaching the islands on the ferry, but too many ‘Mythos” beers and the caldera are getting in the way, perhaps tonight!

      Take Care,


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